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Husnia is one of the victims of Kaj course

The world’s protests and concern about the genocide of the Hazaras have been boosted while this generation has been systematically removed from the society of Afghanistan, and Hazara youths and teenagers have been repeatedly attacked by terrorists in schools, educational centers, mosques, civil protests, and buses.

Deadly explosions in Hazare Jat areas killed hundreds of people and destroyed dozens of families.

Farkhandeh Media: Narrative of one of the victims of this incident (I will leave my sister’s dismembered body here and go)

“Husnia always went on foot due to economic problems, but on Friday, because it was too late, I told her to go by car.

On the same day, his departure happened and not his arrival.

Husnia was a quiet girl, she was very close to me during my childhood, she used to write me letters and Secret Heart . Zainab Azimi, the sister of Husnia Azimi, one of the students who was the victim of the explosion at the Kaj course in Dasht Barchi, Kabul.

she recounts the loss of her sister and how Hazara schoolgirls in Afghanistan were slaughtered for their studies in the land of emigration.

“On the day of the explosion, it was Friday. We had gone to my older sister’s house together with Husnia on Friday night

On that day, Husnia woke up a little late, their exam was about to start at 6:15, but Husnia had just woken up at 6:15.

I told her not to go today, it is too late and she can’t arrive to exam

But she told me no, I have to go, I will go and I will attempt to arrive the course by half past six. I didn’t say anything to her, I just said go in the car today, she said okay.

Because of the economic problem we had, Husnia always went on foot to save her expenses.

I had breakfast with my older sister and slowly I went home. On the way back home I said that I will pay for the electricity as well.

I entered the shop where the shopkeeper was talking to the customer that there was an explosion at the Barchi

I was worried and asked where the explosion happened, they said in Kaj course, I said loudly that my sister was studying there

I called Husnia’s number, but she did not answer

I ran to course, but there was no one, all the dead and wounded had been taken out of course, and the building had turned into ruins.

We went to several hospitals because of Husnia, but the Taliban very coldly and smilingly did not allow us to go inside the hospitals and search for Husnia.

My uncle and I went to the forensic medicine together, she wasn’t there, we went to Esteghlal hospital, we wanted to go to Amirjansi hospital, we were on our way when my older sister called me and said to come, Husnia Jan has been martyred and she is in Mohammad Ali Jinnah hospital.

We came to the hospital and accepted the body.

Husnia was 19, her spring had just begun, everyone loved her

Husnia always tried to save her money and not bother my parents too much.

“Husnia was inside the big plastic, when I opened it, it was Husnia, as if she was in a deep sleep.

My uncle, his wife and other ladies gathered to bathe Husnia

When we were washing Husnia’s lifeless body in the mosque

I saw that she was hit by explosives on her left side.

Her neck had a deep wound as if someone had hit her with an ax

Her arm was broken and a piece of chair was stuck in her armpit

We pulled all the small pieces of wood from her body.

The explosives that hit her behind her head had cut off her flesh and her hair was completely burnt.”

“We bathed her, shrouded her and took her to Jaghori to my parents to be buried.

Husnia had come to us (her sisters) from Jaghori for a short time, she was the last and youngest girl in the house.

When she learned through the news on TV that girls are also allowed to take the entrance exam, she decided to go to the course and prepare for the exam.

she went to the course every day, after several days, she passed the test on Friday, got a good grade and told me that I passed with 261 marks in literature field.

she was very happy, I told her it was great, even though you said I was not ready, but you still got a good result, good luck.

This was the second preparatory exam that Husnia wanted to participate

she told me that I will take this exam so that it will be classified and I will adjust my choices. she left but never came back”

Zainab, Husnia’s sister, worked in one of the government departments, but she lost her job after the fall of the regime. Zainab’s husband was in the Afghan security forces, and in the recent wars between the security forces and the Taliban, it was unclear whether he was alive or killed. There is no news, Zainab with her seven-year-old daughter is now in the country of immigration “Pakistan” looking for a better life in a safe place.

she says;

I don’t know if I can forget everything by leaving the place where the most bitter thing happened to me or not?

Soheila Gulistani


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